Paper Science & Chemical Engineering Foundation 
Scholarship Program
Through the generous contributions from the paper industry, program supporters, and Paper Science alumni, endowed scholarship monies are awarded to qualified applicants.  In the 2019-20 school year, the Foundation paid out $90,800 in scholarships! Students must be enrolled at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point and a declared Paper Science and Engineering major with a 3.2 semester grade point average. Students can earn up to $2,400 per year toward their college expenses.  Declared first-semester freshmen with cumulative GPA of 3.2 or better who are fully enrolled in the Paper Science and Engineering curriculum are awarded an initial scholarship of $1,000 with an additional $500 if submitted by April 30. Scholarships will be awarded for 8 semesters maximum, subject to annual review.

Please click for the scholarship application here and to get more scholarship information here.
Student Placement
Class of 2020
Jacob Aegerter: Eurofins
Emily Demchik: Neenah Inc
Austin Jackson: Midwest Paper
Jordan Kwik: BPM
Ahmed Masood: Solenis
Kevin Moldenhauer: Unknown
Patrick Muehlenkamp: Graduate School
Omar Mullan: BPM

Aaron Nickel: Neenah Inc
Sydney Opdahl: P&G
Devin Pribyl: ND Paper
Tyler Tanko: Ahlstrom-Munksjö
Derek Tomczik: Domtar
Jacob Vollert: Voith 

2019-2020 Internships 
Brittney Ballenger: Clearwater
Christopher Gibson: Minimill
Dayna Harris: Ahlstrom-Munksjö
Mary Kremer: Midwest Paper Group
Abigail Smrz: Solenis
Axel Treinen: Neenah Inc

 2019-2020 Co-ops
Daniel Ebensperger: PCA
Nathan Koch: ND Paper
Autumn Lakari: International Paper
Michael Lampshire: Little Rapids Corp
Scott Meyer: Kimberly-Clark
Grant Parr: Green Bay Packaging
Jesse Pliska: DuBois Chemicals
Sibby Pugliese: Domtar
Hailey Schilling: Little Rapids Corp
Connor Scray: Verso
Dan Sommers: ND paper
Alexander Wuethrich: Buckman 

2020 Fall Scholarship Awards
Zachery Angle 
Gregg & Kay Aiken Endowment  
Verso Merit Award
Noah Cole
Ahlstrom-Munksjö North America Specialty Solutions Endowment 
Christopher Gibson 
Albany International Endowment
Dayna Harris
Archambault Family Endowment
Sunset Point Winery Merit Award
Sean Powers
Ed & Patti Buehler Endowment
Sonoco Merit Award
Axel Treinen
North Central PIMA Endowment
Sappi Merit Award
Zachary Urquhart 
Class of 1974 (Wachowiak) Endowment
 PCA Merit Award
Grant Wentzel
Class of 1980 Endowment
Pratt Industries Merit Award 
Brittney Ballenger
Class of 1984 Endowment 
Midwest Paper Group Merit Award
Mya Dailing
Class of 1985 Endowment 
Liberty Paper Merit Award
Consolidated Papers Scholar
Everett Franczek 
Joseph G Bergomi Endowment
Taylor Kansier 
Class of 1987 Endowment
Jacob Perron
Class of 1989 Endowment
Kimberly-Clark Merit Award
Kaylee Schmid
Class of 1991 (Leah Brueckner) Endowment
Abigail Smrz  
Class of 1990 Endowment
Kemira Merit Award
Seth Weiler
Setterholm Endowment
Kadant Johnson Merit Award
Cole Wesolowski
Class of 1993 Endowment
Hydrite Chemical Merit Award
Katelin Wierzba   
Domtar Inc. Endowment
Jodi Hermsen Merit Award
Jonathan Wolf 
Ecolab Foundation Endowment

Green Bay Packaging Merit Award

Clay Huss  
J.R. Fanselow Endowment
Autumn Lakari  
Four Horsemen Endowment
Great Northern Merit Award
Tim Lamoureux
Betz Laboratories Endowment
Scott Meyer 
Emily & David Holm Endowment
Crane Engineering Merit Award 
Sibby Pugliese
Class of 2019 Merit Award
Connor Scray
Georgia Pacific Endowment 
Class of 1999 Merit Award
Ryan A Thomas
Class of 1997 Merit Award   
Sam Brodhagen 
Lazarski Family Endowment
Class of 1996 Merit Award
Colin Doherty 
Jeff & Nancy Koeppel Endowment
Luke Jarock
Lake States TAPPI Endowment 
The Boldt Company Merit Award
Ryan Kaufman
Peter MacIntyre (PIMA) Endowment
Badger Paper Mill Merit Award
Edie Keung 
Thomas M. Egan Endowment
Connor Metzler
Neenah, Inc Endowment
AstenJohnson Merit Award 
Marcie Nelson 
Michael & Margaret Kocurek Endowment
AFRY (Pöyry) Merit Award
Cassandra Netols
J. Osfar Endowment  
Corrugated Supplies Corporation - Alsip Mini Mill Merit Award
Jonah Peplinski
Art Rankin (PIMA) Endowment
Essity Professional Hygiene Merit Award
Consolidated Papers Scholar
Nathan Roth
Resch Family Endowment
Pixelle Specialty Solutions Merit Award
Consolidated Papers Scholar
Adam Schmidt
ST Paper Endowment
ND Paper Merit Award
Sara Traxel
James E Stanley Memorial Endowment 
Kirstin Wroblewski
International Papers Endowment
Kayla Zimmerman 
Foundation Merit Award  
Amber Babcock
ERCO Worldwide ChE
Pointer Promise
Ethan Bohlman
Wayne Draper Endowment
Nalco-Ecolab ChE
Veronica Corwin
ERCO Worldwide ChE
Pointer Promise  
Luke Franda 
Lake States TAPPI Endowment
Georgia Pacific Freshman, Pointer Promise
DaShaun Hill 
ERCO Worldwide ChE
Boyd Holt  
Stora Enso Papers Endowment
Stephen Kozil
Synthomer (OMNOVA Solutions) Endowment
Lillie Lindgren 
TAPPI Paper Chase Endowment
Pointer Promise
Elliot Parks 
George & Gladys Wagner Endowment
Pointer Promise
Seth Seefeldt
Wanke Family Foundation Endowment
Connor Steeno 
Weyerhaeuser Endowment
Georgia Pacific Freshman
Pointer Promise
Lauren Wincentsen
Axchem ChE  
Pointer Promise